Setting Sail Rope Art

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Made in Maine, Local, Small Batch, Handmade

"Setting Sail" by Eric Darling

Dimensions: 10 x 22 in

Immerse yourself in the serene beauty of "Setting Sail," a captivating piece by the talented New England native, Eric Darling. With over two decades of artistic exploration, Eric has mastered the art of storytelling through various mediums. His latest venture, the Drift Rope Project, breathes new life into recycled materials, transforming them into stunning, one-of-a-kind art pieces.

"Setting Sail" is a testament to Eric's innovative spirit and commitment to sustainability. This piece intricately weaves together used ropes, sourced from local lobstermen and waste stations, to depict a tranquil scene of two mountains, a serene lake, and a graceful sailboat. The vibrant hues of the ropes, once adrift along the midcoast shores, now find harmony in this picturesque landscape, inviting you to embark on a journey of imagination and reflection.

Each stroke and knot in this artwork carries the essence of the sea, echoing the tales of the ropes' past lives and the skilled hands that have repurposed them. By welcoming "Setting Sail" into your space, you're not just displaying a piece of art; you're embracing a piece of the ocean's narrative and supporting the sustainable art movement.

Adorn your walls with "Setting Sail" and let Eric Darling's vision guide you to a world where art meets conservation, and every glance reveals a deeper layer of the story.
Artist Info
Eric Darling has been practicing art for over 20 years in several different types of medium. He is a self taught multidisciplinary artist native to New England. His latest creation is the Drift Rope Project. Eric was inspired by the colorful rope that he was finding along the shores of the midcoast and imagined a way to utilize this material in his recent work. He has sourced used rope from Lobsterman and waste stations before they are discarded and created beautiful unique one of a kind pieces.